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Every year more than 40,000 women are trafficked to Spain and forced into prostitution, Vera is just one of them.  Sold by family members in Romania and trafficked to Spain, Vera is on the brink of losing hope of ever escaping her daily nightmare. Jon, who has just experienced a devastating loss of a loved one is left feeling restless and powerless against his situation.  His anger and frustration will lead him to the outskirts of the city where he finds Vera, they don’t know it yet but this chance meeting will change them both forever.



Pasărea intends to bring light to the ever growing epidemic of sex trafficking in our world, particularly as pertains to the devastating situation in Spain the number 1 country for sex tourism in Europe and 3rd in the world.  Despite the fact that women many nationalities can be seen for sale on main streets and highway exits throughout the country awareness is greatly lacking in Spain a country whose profits add up to around 5 million Euros per day from this lucrative business. With this film we hope to bring change to Spain, to Europe, to the world.


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By watching and support Pasărea you are helping to bring much needed attention to the ever growing epidemic of sex trafficking in our world. This film will be used by anti-slavery organizations in Spain and around the world to bring awareness to this problem, help make that possible!

We still need to raise the rest of our remaining budget (10,000 euros) and we will be launching  a crowdfunding campaign very soon, until then please consider making a donation.

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Mikaela Bruce / Director

Screenwriter and Short film producer. Is an American filmmaker from Arizona. She studied film production in Los Angeles and the University of Hawaii where she interned on the set of “Lost” Mikaela has been living and working in Spain since 2010. Her first short film was shot in Málaga (Escamas 2012) and participated in the Festival of Experimental Film in Madrid. Her second short film (Hesed, 2014) was shot in Madrid and was selected in several film festivals in Spain. In 2015 she finished her Masters in screenwriting for film and television at the University Carlos III in Madrid, completing her degree internship at Morena Films.

Matthew Rivera Director of Photography

Matthew Rivera was born in Chicago and raised in South Carolina. With a passion for the arts, Matthew studied film with a concentration in cinematography at Columbia College Chicago.

Matthew has extensive experience in documentary, commercial, and narrative storytelling. On his spare time, he pursues traveling and street photography.

He is currently based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Pablo Bullejos / Production

Director, producer and writer, trainee teacher by Robert McKee, Linda Seger and Alessandro Baricco. He has made short films, theatre, music videos and documentaries. Professor of screenwriting and filmmaking, stage direction and audiovisual technology. Stage Manager and Assistant Production in the play "Race" by David Mamet (Pulitzer Prize 1984), directed by Juan Carlos Rubio and displayed in Matadero (Naves del Teatro Español). His latest short film, "There is no goodbye", was shot on 35 mm and has been in more than 40 international festivals, has won 2 awards for Best Film and was finalist in several categories.


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